Coaching with Dr. G

Partnering with Dr. Gail will help you to obtain expert guidance to set clear goals, identify new opportunities, and map out action plans to create geometric business growth. You can create courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected change that life throws at you.


Consulting with Dr. G

Working with Dr. Gail will help you define strategies, set goals, and come up with metrics that matter. Dr. Gail will create a path for change and transformation to provide strategies your organization needs to embark on a long transformation journey or introduce new technologies such as AI and Cloud into your organization. Gail’s deep experience with top global Fortune 500 firms enables her to work at scale to solve complex problems and deliver positive outcomes.

Fractional CIO

Fractional CIO with Dr. G

Deep Tech and Business Savvy expert who will invigorate your technology and ignite your team. I have the leadership and skills you need whenever you need them to build business continuity. I am a skilled strategist that takes a holistic picture of your organization that includes people, process, and technology and helps leaders set a clear North Star vision and goal to move forward and create momentum for change and transformation in your organization.

I have a proven track record of working with C-Level executives and stakeholders to establish vision, set strategic initiatives, programs and create metrics to track progress. I also remain at the forefront of technology where I lead innovative change solutions using the latest technologies including AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Data and Analytics at scale.

I am a published author and keynote speaker who speaks on a variety of technology leadership topics. I am a strong community builder and advocate of sustainability initiatives for technology organizations.

Fractional CTO

Fractional CTO with Dr. G

My deep technical skills using AI, Data and Analytics will help provide a clear perspective on how your organization can freshen and optimize its technology architecture landscape, putting in metrics and measures that matter.

Fractional Director

Fractional Director Dr. G

My ability to drive complex technical and at scale initiatives using lean agile principles and practices allows me to move with precision and speed, while building cultures of excellence and optimizing flow within the organization.