Enabling Enterprise Transformation

Create transformation roadmaps, strategies, and metrics to position organizations for rapid growth and scaling. Catalyst of culture change across the organization from the C-Level to the team level, ensuring that people, process and technology are aligned to the “North Star” strategy and move with fluidity and grace.


Knowledge Creation

Respected thought leader who is an author, keynote speaker and workshop leader  with an amazing track record of success at leading industry organizations and Fortune 500 organizations. Creator of learning organizations, with an impressive array of original knowledge content and thought leadership in technology leadership.



Create multiple communities of practice externally and internally to support digital transformation and growth including Centers of Excellence (COEs), Communities of Practice (COPs) and Guilds to foster innovation, learning and facilitate knowledge and growth across the organization.


Business Transformation

Redesign complex business processes by collaborating with stakeholders, executives, and organizations to find ways to optimize throughput and reduce bottlenecks. Track record of creating change management strategies to help organizations pivot and transform with new technologies, mergers, and other disruptive changes.


Cloud Platform

Create multiple roadmaps to and execution plans to support launches of enterprise-level systems using AWS, Google, Microsoft and Oracle Cloud. Led multiple cloud product launches and initiatives to transition from on-prem to cloud applications. Spearheaded multiple cloud applications strategies to drive growth and transformation for multiple Fortune 500 organizations.


Lead Change

Pioneered capability-driven architecture portfolio prioritization processes, optimizing speed to delivery. Change catalyst, leading individuals from the C-Level to the team level through the dynamic process of change with fluidity and grace.


Security & Compliance

Successfully delivered multiple cybersecurity compliance products using FedRamp, SOX, ITGC at multiple organizations. Build strategies to support the introduction of new technologies such as AI, Cloud, Big Data, ensuring that cybersecurity strategies are included.


Big Data and AI

Create strategies and innovative approaches to support existing Big Data and AI applications, including cybersecurity concerns. Lead dynamic change and growth initiatives for organizations moving to AI platforms.